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Apply to Art in the Park 2018 here:


Application Requirements for NEW Applicants

Please submit the following:

•A fully completed application form
•Several digital jpeg images of your work via link to website gallery (preferred), in a zipped file via email, or on CD/DVD (these will not be returned)
•A brief description of your technique
•A brief biography
•A cheque, money order or online payment for the full amount of the fee for booth space(s)

If submitting via CD or DVD : They must be good quality (180 dpi), submitted on one standard size compact disc, labeled with your name and sent in a protective mailer.
If two people are sharing a booth, each person must submit an application.

Application Requirements for RETURNING Applicants

Please do not submit pictures if you are a returning exhibitor. You may submit all information and credit card/PayPal payment through our secure payment interface or paypal after filling out your application form below.

If two people are sharing a booth, each person must submit an application. Please designate ONE primary contact. If you have not exhibited in the last 5 years or made any significant changes to your work, please complete the New Exhibitor Requirements.

A rt in the Park tries to maintain the highest of standards. Before applying to AiP all applicants should understand and meet the following criteria:

Deadline is April 28th, 2018
By entering, the artist warrants the work submitted is their original creation.
Reproductions larger than 6" x 9" are not allowed. (exception: Photography)
Violators will be removed from the park.
Refunds are subject to a $25.00 administration fee.
No refunds will be issued after July 1st.
The exhibitor/applicant is responsible for providing his/her own tent, table(s), chairs and displays.
We do not allow furniture or crafts, see AiP web site for a full list
Once your application has been accepted we will send an e-mail notifying you of your allotted arrival time.

Accepted exhibitors will be notified by June 1st, 2018


You may indicate Please a preference for a specific booth space: PLEASE NOTE: Note that if more than one person applies for the same space, booths will be assigned in the order applications were received.

There are NO GUARANTEES that you will be issued the booth number requested.
Booth areas are 12’ x 12’ 3.65 x 3.65 meters
OAS members $110.00 each Non-members $125.00 each

SETUP AND PARKING We require that exhibitors locate their booths, unload and exit before setting up. This reduces setup congestion and ensures the field is clear before visitors arrive.

Set up is between 6:30 am and 9:30am There is limited parking located close to the booths. UNFORTUNATELY WE CAN NO LONGER OFFER PREMIUM PARKING SPOTS FOR SALE. ADS An estimated 4200 people came through the gate last year.
A small booklet with exhibitor’s names, booth numbers and booth location is handed out to exhibitors and attendees. Business card sized ads in the booklet have proven to be very successful. Once your application has been accepted we will send an e-mail notifying you. Ad specifications and fee schedule will be sent out with your notice of acceptance to the show.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy Art in the Park 2018




Waivers and Acknowledgement: I am applying for a booth for the OAS Art in the Park Show to be held Monday, August 6, 2018 and will adhere to the conditions of entry. My booth fees are submitted with this application. All exhibitors, by submitting an application, agree to abide by the rules of Art in the Park. Exhibitors also agree to comply with any reasonable request by OAS officials with regards to displays and conduct. By registering and attending this event, any photograph of you, your employee(s) and/or photographs of original works of art, are hereby released and may be used in future promotional advertising. Note: In case of inclement weather, there will be no re-scheduling of Art in the Park & no refund of fees.
Recognizing that Art in the Park is run by a voluntary organization, the exhibitor assumes all risks and responsibilities in participating in this event. Upon filling out and submitting the application for Art in the Park, the exhibitor agrees to provide for his/ her own liability insurance and does hereby agree that The Oakville Art Society, their officers, directors, employees and volunteers, and the Town of Oakville, will not be held liable for any and all damage, expense or liability from any injury or damage to any person, including the general public, the exhibitor, its agents or employees or to the property of the exhibitor arising out of the exhibitor’s participation in Art in the Park. Furthermore The Oakville Art Society, their officers, directors, employees and volunteers, will not be held responsible for any loss or losses incurred by the exhibitor, as a result of fire, theft, water, accidents, weather, acts of God or other mishaps or incidents not specifically itemized herein.