2017 reconfigured Booth Layout Map

Information sheet for participating artists


Name medium website Booth #
ABDOLLAHI Mahtab Acrylic/Watercolour 1
ALBERT Jeanne-Louise Acrylic/Ink/Resin 171
ALLION, Carlo Mixed Media 176
ARMSTRONG David Acrylics 147
ARMSTRONG David II     146
BABINEAU Mika Acrylic 124
BACKER Hans Fine Art Photography 30
BAE Agnes Fine Art 53
BARBER Elissa Reverse Painted Glass over Monotype / Lithograph (original works on paper) 75
BARTOLACCI Susan Acrylic   144
BENTON Sean Oil Paint 173
BEST Laurel Photography, Watercolour, Acrylic 167
BLAKEY, Lauren Ceramics 19
BODNARYK Ian Acrylic 174
BOUWMAN Jakob Oil   166
BROTEN Marguerite pottery   3
BROWN Karen Encaustic 150
BURNETT Keith Oil on Canvas 77
CAMPBELL Nicole / RUSSELL Rachel Photography 84
CAMPBELL, Donna Stained Glass Mosaics, Mixed Media   47
CANN Janet, Pottery Functional Pottery inspired by Nature 133
CARRIERE Casey Resin, Acrylic, Ink, Pigments 89
CENTAZZO Roberto Stone Mosaics 83
CHENG, Shu Chen Raku 26
CHO Wendy Illustration 67
CHUNG, Peter oil painting 138
CLAUSTRO Mixed Media 22
COLANGELO Adam  Fine Art 130
CORCORAN, Michael Wood turning   50
CORMIER Brooke Fine Art 102
CUMMING Karin Lynn  Acrylic 27
CURRAH, Joanne Floral, Abstacts Mixed Media   149
CURRIE Andrea Fine Art, Tree drawings 58
DAVIS Robin Mixed Media 162
DIAS Christopher Photography/Digital Art Chris' Site 59
DIAS Christopher Photography/Digital Art Chris' Site 60
DING, Tina Oil 33
DOWNMAN Courtney Blown Glass 98
DRIMMIE Carla Jewellery 69
DUFFY Christopher  Michael Drawing and Painting 119
DUNCAN Marilyn Stained glass   85
DURANLEAU Josee Mixed Media Collage  
ELKIN, Elizabeth Oil/Acrylic 29
FENTON Kathy & TERRY Silvana Jewellery 80
FISHER Peter Fine Art 163
FITZGIBBON, Erin Photography 120
GENNARO, Monica, BEKE Design Goldsmith 86
GLEBERZON Mark Abstract 172
GONSALVES Amanda Mixed Media   154
GOODYEAR Lynda Acrylic 79
GORDON, Dave Watercolour 31
GRZYB Halina Acrylic 92
GUERETTE Maegan Photography 121
HART Sarah,  Watercolour 170
HATTULA Mirka Fine Art   10
HENDERSON, Elena  Acrylic 116
HEWITSON Rhonda Acrylic 21
HODSON, Shelby Fine Jewellery 128
HORROCKS Tiffany Acrylic 159
HORROCKS Tiffany II Acrylic 160
HOWSON Andrea Acrylic 137
IVA Maria Oil/soft pastel 111
JAMES Dwayne Fine Art 17
JACK Mconnell Kim Pottery   38
JOHNSON, Robert Oil 91
JONES Morgan Mixed Media 32
JOVANOVIC Nebojsa Acrylic 151
KELLY Rea Acrylic 99
KHOSRAVI, Davoud  Woodwork 109
KHOSRAVI-OLSZOWKA,  Anna Acrylic, Mixed Media 108
KIRSH Sharon Cold Wax and Oil 145
KLAUSS, Patrick Photography 161
KNAPP Stephen OIL/Pen & Ink 68
KOKOLAKIS Corynn Oil 113
KOULIKOVA Irina Fine Art   48
KRAJEWSKI Alex and Anna Fine Art 15
KRAJEWSKI Alex and Anna Fine Art 16
KUCEY Meredith Silver Smithing 66
LACHANCE Juliana Acrylic   140
LAKATOS, Priscilla Oil Paintings & Acrylics   107
LANTHIER Nancy Acrylic 25
LAPP Susan Acrylic 94
LEBLANC Armelle Watercolor   76
LeBRUN Nikkole Acrylic/Pen&Ink 152
LEHAN Sean Acrylic 39
LIN Jessica Photography 97
LOPATINA Olena  Oil 115
LOTT Susan Acrylic 87
MACDONALD Ian Woodwork 55
MACLEAN, Jamie Oil 62
MARTIN Vickie Fine Art 169
MASOURE Christopher Acrylic   123
MAYER-GAYFORD, Jeannette Fine Art 14
MCCOLL Terry Watercolour/Portraiture 93
MCFARLAND Joanna  Acrylic on canvas and stone paper, Resin 117
MCGRATH Sandy Organic Impressionist Photography 139
MCINNIS, Calum Hunter Abstract   64
MCKINNON, Scot Fine Jewelry 141
MELON Derek Fine Art   41
MEYER Andre Acrylic 114
MIDDLETON Liane Jewellery 155
MILLS Catherine Fine Art 158
MITCHELL Robin Oil 2
MORRISON, Denise Acrylic 44
MORRISON, Denise II     45
NABUURS, Paul Fine Art   122
NASVYTIS Carol Metal Work 164
NEWTON, Laura Acrylic 57
Oakville Sulptors and Woodcarvers Guild woodworking 54
Oakville Art Society 106
OLIFIRENKO Galina Acrylic/Watercolour 74
OPRHAL Ela Oil 13
ORRLING, Kjell Wooturnings & Paintings   35
PANABAKER, Janet Cast & Fused Glass   95
PATTERSON, Mandie Silver Jewellery 51
PENNER Jane Wearable Art   135
PREECE Christina Acrylic Landscapes 78
PROKOFIEV Everist Oil/Acrylic 127
PULVER Robbin Acrylic 9
PYEFINCH Chris Woodworking 131
RAZVI, Ali Watercolour   81
REICHENBACH Elizabeth Fine Art   118
REIMER, Anne Oil Paintings & Watercolours 4
RESCH Eveline Evelyne Handcrafted Jewellery 156
REVESZ Gary Wildlife photography on metal plate 73
RINALDI Adriana Fine Art 23
RODGERS Jane Oil    82
RODGERS Stephanie Acrylic 136
ROSE, Michele Acrylic 18
RYERSON Lori Photography 134
SAFARIAN, Elena Oil/Acrylic 153
SANCHEZ Janette Fine Art 43
SAVARIA, Josee Acrylic 72
SAWKA Walter Photography 142
SCHAFER, Len Stained Glass Jewellery   40
SCOTT Elaine Photography   46
SERRAO Kari Encaustic 157
SHELTON,  Lee Carved Glass 88
Sheridan College     5
Sheridan College     6
SMITH Barbel Fine Art 36
SMITH Meagan Acrylic on Board 129
SMITH, Jeff Metalwork 11
SOLDATENKO Victoria Oil/Acrylic 56
SOON Jason Mixed Media   148
SPITTEL, Julia Fused glass/photography 61
STEINBRECHER, Karola Acrylic 96
STRYCHARZ Marsha Oil 42
SUCSAN, Charles Painting-Ceramic   7
SURANYI-KUTI Annette Pottery 168
SVOB Donald Wood Turning 132
TAYLOR Barb Pottery 70
TAYLOR Karen / HARCOMBE David Photography and Acrylic   20
TENEYCKE, Barb Acrylic 63
THOMPSON, Teresa Fine Art/Photography Theresa Thompson Art 177
TREHAN Neerja Mixed media 112
TUTAK Gabby Fine Art 24
TYDOR, Danuta Pottery 101
TYDOR, Vlodek Fine Art 100
VASQUEZ David Oil 110
VELLEMA-SWAVING, Alice Oil/Cold Wax 126
VERBEEK Layne Glass Sculpture 90
VISSER John  Oil 175
VON DER GATHEN, Heidi  Semi-precious gems, PMC, Gold & Silver 143
WALLACE, Erika  Illustration, painting, jewellery   8
WALVIUS, Taisa Oil & Acrylic   165
WARD Marguerite Watercolour, pen & Ink 125
WARMELINK Jackie Pottery 71
WIERSMA Henry Metal Sculpture 49
WILKINS, Judith  stoneware   105
WILSON, Eric caricatures   65
WINFIELD Darlene Oil 12
YKEMA Janice Acrylic 103
YKEMA Janice II Acrylic 104
YOUNAN, Marion Ink and Watercolour 34
YUEN Raymond & Betty Origami   37
ZHOU Jie Oil 52


Information sheet for participating artists




What the exhibitors are saying:

Hi! I wanted to let you know how amazing the show was yesterday. It was the first time I took part in the show as a vendor and it was such  a fantastic day. The organization was hands down the best in any show  I have attended thus far and the day ran so smoothly because of it. A huge thank you to everyone involved.
Laura Newton

Hello Ladies and all volunteers,
I wanted to say a huge "thank you" for all your efforts in making this year's show such a successful one!  I so appreciated the addition of the fresh coffee and baked goods during set up.  The quality of work continues to be top notch and I am honored to be among such hard working and talented artists.  It was my best year to date and I enjoyed the show immensely.  I hope you have recovered from all your hard work and that you enjoy the rest of the summer. Kindest Regards,
Julia, Earth Songs Studio

Hello. I would just like to say that this years' venue for Art-in-the-Park was awesome! It was beautiful down there, organized, and very well set up. I personally had a wonderful day selling 8 of my paintings. The best show yet, even though it was only my second time as a participant. The weather was perfect resulting in quite a croud of people mingling in and about the booths. A perfect day.
 Just one complaint, and a minor one. The portable washrooms were in only one area at the far end of the park. I think they should've had a few at each end. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together.
 Linda Hollier (Art-Ful Inspirations, booth 20)

Good afternoon!
You must all be very tired as I am but also very happy with the outcome of Art in The Park. I felt it ran very well from set up to take down.  Everything was well organized.  I liked that  the park seemed less congested and more open then I remember from coming as a visitor. This was my first time in the show as an exhibitor and I was very pleased with the day and the response of the visitors.  I asked many customers and my friends who attended how they were enjoying the show and every one responded that they liked the quality and set up of the show. I especially liked that the number of artists in categories like mine, jewellery, were limited in number and that we varied significantly in style. I would certainly enjoy participating in your show again in the future and congratulate you on a job well done.Congratulations!
Tammy Warren
"A Twist of Silver"